Tile repairs

Your Source for Expert Tile Repairs

When we named this company Expert Touch Tiling, we made a vow that we would never take that for granted. We have certainly earned the moniker over the years by perfecting the art of repairing and installing tile of all shapes, sizes and materials here in Colorado.

From porcelain to ceramic, marble to granite and everything in between, we are your experts in all sorts of tile repair for both residential and commercial jobs. See what we can do for you.


Our Tile Repair Services

At Expert Touch Tiling, we specialize in all types of tile repair services for both residential and commercial clients. Tile repair services include:

  • Ceramic tile repairs
  • Marble tile repairs
  • Porcelain tile repairs
  • Granite tile repairs
  • Grout repair and touch-ups
  • Cracked or crooked tiles
  • Tile replacement or patching
  • Exterior tile repairs

Don’t see your job on the list above? Get in touch with our tile repair pros and inquire about your specific needs. We have worked on thousands of homes and businesses and have extensive experience in all types of tile repair services.

Why Choose Us for You Tile Repairs

Every tile contractor will tell you that they work fast or that they know their materials, but most of the time it is nothing but hot air. For years, we have been delivering better outcomes for clients all over Colorado and we do it by following a pretty simple formula:

  • We genuinely care about every detail — Each and every tile has to be perfect or else we didn’t do our job. We move through your home with precision and efficiency and get the job done right the first time.
  • We offer one low price with no surprises — Unlike many contractors, we never tack on hidden fees, over-inflate price tags, or haggle up When you work with us you will know exactly what you are paying, it’s as simple as that.
  • We are transparent and simple with communication — We make ourselves available, respect your opinions, and mind your schedule no matter what. Our team is here to be your partner, not your contractor.

Get Your Tile Repaired Today

Ready to take the next step toward repairing your floors, backsplashes or any tile surfaces? Get in touch with our experienced team today to see how we can make your tile pop like brand new for a low, reasonable price.