Old Floor Leveling

Struggling with old flooring problems?

 It’s unavoidable. However, there is something we can avoid: a disaster!

Let Us Level Your Old Floors Now

Over time all flooring starts to sag, tilt and drop — it’s simply something that we can’t avoid. But leaving that tile unattended for too long can actually start to damage your home’s structural integrity. At Expert Touch Tiling, we have built a reputation for helping homeowners and business owners level out old floors perfectly every time.

See how we go about leveling out old floors and all of our floor leveling services that we offer for old and damaged floors throughout Colorado.


Why Floors Need Leveling

You know the old saying, “time is undefeated”? Well, unfortunately for flooring, that sentiment rings true. Now, while even the best built floors will sag slightly over time, shoddy craftsmanship can speed that process up, meaning plenty of houses and businesses across Colorado are experiencing unbalanced or dipping floors.

Without proper leveling, these imperfections in floors can compromise structural integrity and make it near impossible to properly install new surfaces such as tiling or hardwood on top.

The Benefits of Leveling Your Old Floors

While you may be wondering “is it such a big deal” when considering whether or not to level your old floors, think about a few of the benefits of taking action and making sure your old floors are level:

  • Level floors prevent creaking under pressure
  • Uneven floors ALWAYS result in uneven tiles on top
  • Floor imperfections can impact the value of your home
  • Improper leveling leaves you culpable to lawsuits should they be deemed unsafe
  • Leveling floors improves the structural integrity of your home over time

These of course are just a few of the many benefits of leveling out those old floors and bringing your space into the 21st century!!

Why We’re the Best at Leveling Old Floors

When you choose Expert Touch as your old floor leveling partner, you can be sure of a few important things. For one, you’ll always be getting the best price possible for the quality of work we provide. We give you one low price and never haggle or upsell you on things you simply don’t need.

Along with top quality service and pricing, we staff a team of support specialists who can provide personal attention to your project round the clock and make sure you always know exactly where your project stands. We want to be your partner, not your contractor.

Get Your Floor Leveled Now

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