Grout application / Re-grout application

Grout Application and Re-Grout Needs

By far the most common mistake when amateurs take on tiling is minor mishaps with grout application. We see it all the time and unfortunately those little miscalculations can lead to major issues down the line leading to full-on re-grout needs.

Don’t go it alone!

Let our skilled team of grout and re-grout experts take on your next tiling project or repair any grout issues you have in your home in Colorado


Our Grout Services

At Expert Touch Tiling, we specialize in all types of grout jobs for both residential and commercial clients. Our grout services include:

  • Initial grout application for tiling
  • Re-grout jobs and grout repairs
  • Touch-ups and expansions
  • Shower and bathroom grouting
  • Kitchen grout repairs
  • Grouting for backsplashes and wall fixtures
  • Exterior grout application and repairs

Don’t see your job on the list above? Get in touch with our team and inquire about your specific grout needs. We have worked on thousands of homes and businesses and have extensive experience in all types of grouting installations and repairs.

What Makes Us the Best?

Grout work may seem simple on paper, but doing it right is much harder than it seems. We have made a science and an art of grout work and promise a few simple things along the way:

  • You’ll pay one low price with no surprises — When you work with us you will know exactly what you are paying, it’s as simple as that. We don’t tack on hidden fees, over-inflate price tags, or haggle up.
  • You’ll have unmatched attention to detail — We promise every detail will be completed to a T. We know every angle, every inch, and every nook and cranny of this job and it shows in our work every single time.
  • Communication will be transparent and simple — We make ourselves available, respect your opinions, and mind your schedule no matter what. Our team is here to be your partner, not your contractor.

Get Your Grout Applied or Repaired Now

Ready to take the next step toward getting your grout done right? Get in touch with our experienced team today to see how we can apply or correct your grout throughout your home for a low, reasonable price.