Certified Schluter Installers - Doing it Right the First Time

Proper installation and management of your shower systems are essential to make sure your home is safe from water buildup and mold. Mold is a problem for many homes where the shower system was not installed correctly. That is where Schluter Systems Installers in Denver come in.

Expert Touch has become Schluter Systems Installers in Denver, Colorado area and they are now serving people in and around Denver with their installation needs.

The certification process is a complex one, and it is not easy to achieve this certification. The fact that Expert Touch has completed the requirements for Schluter installation certification shows that they are experts at what they do.

  • Countertops
  • Stairs
  • Vanities
  • Benches
  • Partition Walls
  • Showers
  • Tub Decks
  • Barrier-free Bathrooms
  • Floors
  • Heated Floors

Why Choose Schluter Installations

You might think that installing a shower unit in someone’s home is a simple process. But it is one of those jobs that must be close to perfect in terms of the handiwork. If even one tile is put in the wrong place or not centered correctly, it can cause big problems later on. You need the tile experts at Expert Touch Tiling and Installation when you want to make sure your job is done right the first time.

Setting Material

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Kerdi-Board-ZT/-ZS Washers and Screws set
Kerdi-Board-ZT/-ZS Washers and Screws set
Kerdi-Board-ZT/-ZS Washers and Screws set
Screws and washers for fastening KERDI-BOARD panels to stud framing
SKU Kerdi-Board-ZT/-ZS-KB-ZS-35-GT
KERDI-FIX Cartridge
KERDI-FIX Cartridge
KERDI-FIX Cartridge
Single-component sealing and bonding compound - 290 ml / 9.81 fl.oz
SKU Kerdi-Fix
Single-component sealing and bonding compound - 100 ml / 3.38 fl.oz
SKU Kerdi-Fix-100-G

What is water buildup?

One of the factors that have to be considered is the fact that so much water passes through your shower system and plumbing every single day. In fact, in a recent research study, it was shown that more than three times the amount of gallons of water go through your shower system in an average year than that which occur naturally in Seattle, Washington, one of the rainiest areas of the country.

Think about what this could mean when it comes to water buildup in your home when the moisture does not drain correctly.

Choosing the right installation company is considered more important than the design and materials because it will determine how well your shower manages the water flow.

Style is Important Too

People who purchase shower installation and tiling do not think about the draining issues as much as the people who install them. Most customers probably only notice their shower installation when they have a problem with it. Expert Touch puts a big focus on the installation process so that it is done correctly.

They understand that no matter what style you are using, your installation must be done to standards that have been specified by the industry so that you know it is done right every single time.

About Expert Touch Tiling

Beginning in 2006, Expert Touch Tiling has always had a simple formula for their installation jobs. The basic principles that they stand by include the following:

  • Care about every detail
  • Listen to clients’ needs
  • Create a good work environment

Expert Touch believes it is vital to create a positive work environment for their staff because they tend to get better results from their professional staff when they are given every opportunity. They also put a great emphasis on attention to detail and listening to their customer’s requests and concerns.

The experts at Expert Touch believe that, by putting their customers’ needs first, they will communicate value and that a customer’s desires are more of a priority to the company than making money. They feel that, when they put their customers’ interests first, they will build a clientele that will result in success for their business as a result.

Who started Expert Touch?

Did you ever think about how many hugely successful business ventures started in someone’s small garage? Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, and eBay all started with just a small space in a basement or garage and a dream.

Expert Touch didn’t start in a garage, but it was started by two friends who saw the need for better tiling installations in the Denver area. After seeing so many poorly-installed shower systems, they set out to find a better way. And they did.

Today, they are one of the topmost acclaimed tiling, leveling, and surface teams in the Denver area.

What about design and style?

Most customers who hire a tiling expert are thinking about one thing: how to make their bathroom or shower look more attractive or to put in a style that they love. When you deal with Schluter Systems Installers in Danver, certified installers at Expert Touch Tiling, they can offer you a wide range of unique and artistic styles.

That’s because, while they put the technical aspects of installation first, they focus on achieving the look you want and listen to you until they know what you want.

The key to their success is in the way they understand that installing your shower correctly is the first step in being able to beautify the style and tile system that you want.

They know that, if they get the requirements right first, they can incorporate any type of style and tiling system a customer wants to meet their aesthetic preferences, as well. Expert Touch Tile team as Schluter Systems Installers in Denver are certified and will get the job done right the first time.

Results Matter

In the end, it is the results that matter. Denver’s top tiling and surface repair team is Expert Touch Tiling and Installation. That’s because customers are repeatedly happy with the results that they get from Expert Touch. The installation is done precisely and perfectly, which cuts down on the possibility of having leakage or water buildup in the future. There are thousands of gallons of water going through the shower system every day. Plus, the visual look of their showers looks like something from a Good Housekeeping or Martha Stewart brochure!

They use all of the latest styles and shower fixtures to match the unique style that is desired by every customer they deal with. They know that the beauty and style of the tiling and colors, materials, and details they use to create an installation is of paramount importance to the final result.

And the best results is what they get every time.

By researching and applying the best techniques possible before beginning any job, they produce the best results for their customers, which is their primary goal.

Services Offered

Expert Tiling offers a wide variety of shower and bathroom installation services. These services can be broken up into three distinct categories:

  • Installation- Whatever your installation job is, they can take care of it in record time. They demand the best work possible so they take the time to make sure it is up to your specifications, but they often finish a job ahead of schedule. It includes residential or commercial installation.
  • Repair- Their repair services include repair of your granite, marble, or porcelain system, as well as leveling of your bathroom floors and post-installation work.
  • Special skills- The qualified and Schluter-certified staff at Expert Tiling also does split face tile, slate, limestone, and other rare material installation. There is no job too difficult for their trained staff on installers.

Who are you going to call?

If you are looking for Schluter Systems Installers in Denver – experts to install your new shower, you need to look no further than the tile intallation experts at Expert Touch Tiling. They take into account all of the technical requirements and measure perfectly so that no mistakes are made; then they create a beautiful tiled look based on your preferences.

A beautiful and well-designed shower is just a phone call away.

Located in Denver, Colorado, Expert Touch Tiling can help with your tiling installation project if you are located within a reasonable distance. Call them to set up an appointment or learn more about their services at 720-243-8083.